Monday, October 1, 2012

Imitation is...

How does the saying go...Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  Well, I guess so.

My office is proud to have been the first in Louisville to introduce lots of things.  Here's a partial list:

Plastic Surgery office-based prescription skin care
Computer Imaging
Sciton Contour Profile Laser for facial rejuvenation
Shaped, anatomical tear-drop saline breast implants
"Quick Recovery" Breast Augmentation technique
VASER ultrasonic liposuction
VASER 2.0 High-Definition Liposuction with Fat Transfer
High-Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty with Circumferential Liposuction
Style 410 form-stable, fully cohesive silicone gel breast implants (Gummi Bear implants)
Sculptra Aesthetic
Extended Deep-plane SMAS facelift

It's a great list, and it speaks to the breadth and scope of practice that my office strives to offer cosmetically inclined patients in our community.  I am pleased that as leaders in the field, other offices have watched what we do, and have decided to add many of these facets to their cosmetic practices as well.

When it comes to being the first to offer something meaningful in clinical practice, nothing takes the place of having a thorough understanding of the patients we serve and for truly understanding their needs... for that is what really allows visionaries to provide the products and services of tomorrow that will have lasting relevance in plastic surgery.  It's also just as important to be able to weed out the new techniques and technology that just don't stack up, and to vow to offer only new technology - or to stick to the tried and true over what may be newer -  because it's the best option for patients.

You can follow trends...or you can set them.  I'll bet you can guess which I prefer.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

VASER Shape Clinical Study...College Road Trips

Summer is over...
School is well underway...

My girls are riding their hearts out...Kaitlyn won 8th place out of a very large division of qualified riders at the American Eventing Championships in Atlanta last weekend, winning 8th place out of over 80 riders from across the country...Go Kaitlyn and Buck!  A year and a half ago, her father, trainer and I all offered to trade Buck in on a newer, more forgiving version of horseflesh, but Kaitlyn convinced us there was a "winner in there", and she was determined to get it to come we persisted.  Sometimes our kids do have the answers (or maybe it's blind faith), and if we can allow ourselves to follow their wisdom and instinctual desire every now and then, that willingness to let nature take its course (btw...when, in our formative years, do we "learn" to become such control freaks?), sometimes things just seem to work out.  Anyway, Buck certainly found his way into just the right teenager's heart...I still think he could easily have ended up in the circus...

Kaitlyn's twin sister Lexie is transitioning toward a higher level eventing horse, and while lovingly finding the will to part with her first "dream horse", is showing us a level of maturity and patience that we hadn't realized she'd even learned. 

Even though their father and I have had a full 16 years to prepare for this time...thinking about careers and colleges is here.  I love to say it is the time I've been "dreading" since they were born...the day they will leave...but do kids EVER really leave anymore?  Anyway, it is an exciting time too, and they are so excited about what lies ahead, so I am trying to get into it as well.  Every weekend we go somewhere really cool to think about whether we could really be happy students there and achieve the best we can be, we investigate the "fit", and then we come home again and wonder if it will really all be okay.  The family is supposedly coming up with a plan for mom's survival when the girls leave home together...I hope it involves more horsey time for me...

And here in the office we are preparing to begin the first clinical VASER Shape study.  The study will begin at the end of October and will hopefully provide more definitive data regarding how the technology works so well, and at the same time, shed new light perhaps on upcoming innovative design change which would further improve results.  Many of you may have seen the article in the fall issue of Her Scene this month comparing VASER Shape with CoolSculpting.  The reader can form their own opinion, but having had both treatments myself, I can tell you that we are very pleased with our decision to incorporate VASER Shape into our body sculpting options and would make the same decision now regarding which technology to choose...a full 24 months following our original selection date...VASER Shape is still the best noninvasive body contouring technology...results are achieved faster and with fewer treatments (and more comfortably) than any other noninvasive technology.  This will be born out by the clinical study, and we hope to have results to share soon.  We are still accepting study pateints at this time, so if you know of interested patients, tell them to call us to be included in an upcoming evening informational seminar about study participation.

The office surgical menu is expanding once again...many of you may know that the office has acquired the new VASER 2.0 device, which incorporates improved internal ultrasonic capabilities for liposuction, comfortably performed here in the office setting, while also simultaneously allowing the fat harvested to be immediately available in injectable form to enhance areas such as the face, lips or other muscle groups for enhanced definition (High Def Lipo with fat injection).  We also continue to offer eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) to pateints who would like the convenience and cost savings of having surgery outside the surgery center setting.  Inquire about an office consultation if you are interested in our office surgery offerings to see if you would be a candidate!  

We are also planning a Holiday Open House for Wednesday December 5th, so stay tuned for more details about that or call Cynthia to be placed on the guest list.  We will be showcasing surgical and nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation, and breast and body contouring enhancement techniques, as well as live demonstrations of popular procedures, including VASER Shape.  There will be skin care and injectable product vendors on site, and lots of door prizes and festive refreshments!

Laters followers!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do You Have Cowgirl Smarts? ... Then exercise them!

Hi everyone!  I just had a birthday, and a special gift that I received from my dad was a little book called, "Cowgirl Smarts...How to Rope a Kick-Ass Life".  I was told by my mother that in a rare "together shopping moment", my dad encouraged my mom to "get this book for Julene", which, mostly to shut him up, my mother did!  As fate would have it, this little book of course, turned out to be one of my favorite birthday presents.  I haven't had the chance yet to sit down with my sweet father and ask him exactly why it occurred to him that his oldest daughter should have a copy of this book, but I am hoping that, and until I can ask him for clarification I will go on assuming that maybe the reason is that he thinks I might have "cowgirl smarts"...of course, the other alternative is that he thinks I might NEED more "cowgirl smarts"!

This little gem of a book is about Life Lessons obtained from cowgirls who tamed the West, and when you think about it, some of those women had to have been pretty tough and potentially gutsy role models for many generations of women to come.  My parents and schoolteachers taught me and inspired me from a young age to believe that I could become whatever I wanted to be in life.  They inspired in me a sense of self-confidence that was genderless. 

So, for years I believed I could easily become anything or anyone I wanted to be, but as I looked toward the top surgical residencies after medical school, and then for Plastic Surgical residencies after General Surgery residency, I realized that in the "real world" of the career I had chosen, there were not hundreds of women who had gone before me.  Where were my female role models?  I had chosen a career that, throughout most of my training, was not totally devoid of female physician/surgeon role models, but there were few.  I then chose a surgical specialty and residency where I was the 11th female Plastic Surgery resident to complete the program.  When I finished Plastic Surgery residency, women represented less than 5 % of practicing board-certified plastic surgeons. 

Now, I have never been a true feminist in every respect, but I do think, and as I read this little book I came to wish, that all girls everywhere could make decisions like a cowgirl, and set big goals for themselves like a cowgirl.  This little book helps women realize, by reading chapter after chapter, how they might aspire in their lives to find their cowgirl spirit and use it to exercise their sense of freedom and independence in their everyday lives, whether it is spent on the golf course, running for a political office or volunteering for the Peace Corps. The little book documents characteristics in cowgirls of the Wild West by telling stories about the lives of true cowgirls.  The author has summarized some of these cowgirl characteristics into a set of unwritten rules that cowgirls lived by for over 100 years, and she calls it The Cowgirl Creed.  Here it is...

The Cowgirl Creed
 1.  Dare to be a cowgirl
 2.  Buck the rules
 3.  Stay balanced in the saddle
 4.  Ride the trail of adventure
 5.  Dream as big as Texas
 6.  Be tough, but be feminine
 7.  Attack life like it's a 1000 lb. steer
 8.  Saddle your own horse
 9.  Rein in your fears
 10.  Dress for success - the cowgirl way
 11.  Ride high in the saddle
 12.  Ride high, but stay grounded
 13.  Give others a leg up
 14.  Always get back on the horse
 15.  Ride beside your man
 16.  Recharge your cowgirl spirit
 17.  Die with your boots on

I hope you find a way to lasso your cowgirl spirit and think outside the ranch!  Like a plaque I have in my kitchen reminds me everyday...Here's to a good woman...may we know them...may we be them...may we raise them.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again!